Game's rules

Introduction to football manager InetBall

Do you love fantasy football as much as we do? Whether you call it soccer or football - this is your virtual sports experience website! Everything is possible on the internet, including owning your own football team. There are lots of virtual football websites where you can “manage” a fantasy team by changing a few play tactics, watching the game and hoping to score, but only one puts the whole game experience in YOUR hands…InetBall!

InetBall lets you
- change tactics during play
- create and name your own unique team
- name individual players
- select your own replacement players and substitute mid-game
- rent a stadium or build your own
- sell admission tickets and collect revenue
- purchase on transfers better players for your team
- visit friends to cheer them on
- hire coaching crews and manage your team’s training drills
- upgrade skills of coaches and players
- play in real time or at your convenience
- win Virtual Dollars (VD) – the official game currency
- win Real Dollars (RD – actual cash linked to the US exchange rate) in league championships and the EuroCup
- create your own tournaments

About InetBall

InetBall is a real-time virtual fantasy football manager that puts the whole game experience in YOUR hands! It requires no file downloads or large internet server loads. Managers can set tactics and game play in advance, and do not have to be present during the actual game. Each game lasts approximately five to fifteen minutes and has five breaks, when managers can change tactics and players. You can invite friends to view your games, and the game can be reviewed and watched at any time.

Play is presented as an online report. Managers create a team, set their players up on the field, and set the style, formation, and tactics for the game. Managers set up games according to their own schedule and availability. You can challenge your friends and play friendly matches as well.

Any match takes place in a stadium that the manager rents for the team. You set your own ticket prices, sell admission, and manage your team’s finances, from salaries to game day expenses. Once you accumulate enough revenue in VD (the official game currency) you can start to build your own team stadium, training base and juniors school! As your team improves and moves up in the rankings, your income in VD increases.

Game Rule Overview

1. There is no charge for managers to participate. However, each manager can create ONLY ONE virtual football club. Attempting to register more than one club can result in fee penalties or loss of game access.
2. Team/player names cannot contain offensive language. Doing so may result in your team name being changed without your consent, or your team being eliminated completely.
3. Virtual Dollars (VD) cannot be transferred from one team to another outside of regular game transactions. Managers participating in such transactions face penalties such as warnings, VD fines, team elimination and/or loss of game access.
4. Virtual Dollars (VD) have no cash value and cannot be converted into real currency.
5. Passwords for secure private tournaments are not to be shared with other managers without permission of the tournament creator. Unauthorized distribution or hacking of these passwords will lead to penalties and/or loss of game access.

The following are prohibited:

1. Advertisement of any kind, including references or links to other sites. Ads for the purchase or sale of players and teams are permitted only in the advertisement chat room or running board.
2. Off-topic conversation in topic-specific chat rooms
3. Threats, offensive or explicit language, intolerant or prejudicial comments, emoticons, or avatars
4. Discussion of illegal drugs, illegal behavior, pornography or other explicit subjects
5. Flaming or provoking other players
6. Consistent repetition of the same message (spamming)
7. Player transfers between teams with the same IP Address. Additional payment of real money for player tranfers to the buyer or to the seller.

If you have chosen the real name for your team and do not enter the site for more than 10 days, the name of your team will be changed without notification.
The website administration reserves the right to edit, delete, and remove any comment it deems necessary. Administration also reserves the right to issue warnings and penalties in the form of fees in VD, loss of game access, and any other reasonable act as deemed necessary. This overview should not be considered all-inclusive and the website administration will handle any inappropriate player behavior solely at their own discretion.