1. Terminology and definitions used in the Agreement

1.1 Site-Internet site is located on the World Wide Web at the address www.inetball.com
1.2 Game-Virtual multi-player game “Soccer Manager” is located on the web site www.intebal.com
1.3 Administration-Anshin Marketing and Invest Ltd. is acting on behalf and with permission of the game’s owners and provides management and access to the game
1.4 Manager-physical person registered on the web site www.inteball.com and participating in the game.

2. Preface

2.1 The Agreement is between Administration and Manager. By using the Game, Manager accepts all the conditions of the current Agreement in full and without any exceptions. Game cannot be used on any other terms.
2.2 The Agreement (including all its parts) can be amended by Administration without any prior notice by publishing the amendment on the web site. The amendment comes to effect at the time of publishing.
2.3 By accepting terms of the Agreement, Manager confirms his ability and legality to enter the current Agreement.
2.4 All the rights of the creators and the owners of the Game, content, structure of the Site, database’s content are protected by international copyrights laws.

3. Object of the agreement

3.1 Administration provides Manager with an access to the Game in accordance with the game’s Rules, described in the appropriate section of the web site. The Rules are the essential part of the Agreement. Managers can use the Game only on the conditions determined in the Agreement
3.2 In case Manager violates the Agreement, Administration reserves the right to block Manager’s access to the Game.

4. Agreement period

4.1 The Agreement period starts at the moment, when Manager registers on the website and agrees to the terms by selecting 'Agree'.
4.2 The Agreement period is open ended, which means the agreement is in effect for indefinite period of time.

5. Manager’s rights and responsibilities

5.1   Manager has a right to use the Game without Rules violations
5.2   Manager has a right to provide feedback or to express concern about the Game via e-mail provided on the Site.
5.3   Manager obligates not to pass his login and password, received at registration, to any third party and promises to keep confidentiality of this information.
5.4   Manager obligates not to use to his advantage programming errors (bugs) and to inform Administration about these errors.
5.5   Manager obligates not to try to receive access to login and password information of other Managers, as well to the Site’s database.
5.6   Manager obligates not to change programming code and to inform Administration about attempts of other Managers to cheat in the Game.
5.7   Manager obligates not to obstruct normal Site’s operation and not to load intentionally the servers, where the Site is located.
5.8   Manager under the age of 18 must inform their parent(s) or guardian about participation in the Game.
5.9   Manager agrees that Administration can exclude him/her from the Game for violating the Agreement and in case of causing damages demand compensation.
5.10 Manager cannot demand reimbursement for the money invested into the game and spent on Game’s services.

6. Administration’s rights and responsibilities.

6.1 Administration obligates to provide Managers with free around the clock access to the Game, except downtime for maintenance or malfunction of the equipment which is beyond the control and responsibility of the Administration. The fees for the internet access are covered by the Manager.
6.2 Administration obligates to do all possible to facilitate normal Site’s work and develop the Game.
6.3 Administration obligates not to disclose and not to pass to third parties information obtained from Managers at the registration.
6.4 Administration obligates not to send to Managers unrelated to the Game electronic correspondence (spam).
6.5 Administration is not responsible for the damages (morale and material) which could arise from misuse of Manager’s login and password information by other people, as well, for any other damages related to the Game.
6.6 Administration is not responsible for system breakdowns during the game due to programming errors as well as technical problems on the server or the Manager’s computer.
6.7 Administration has a right to decrease the Manager’s account in case it is found that it was fraudulently increased or block the Manager’s access to the Game.
6.8 Administration has a right to remove or change any information on the Site which can be deemed inappropriate from Administration’s point of view or violates Rules.
6.9 Administration reserves the right to dissolve this Agreement unilaterally without any Manager’s prior notice, and without any compensations or explanations.