End of Auctions

    Message #2054

    11.05.20 08:41

    I see when auction starts and what DATE the first bid was
    but I can´t see when auctions ends,
    not even at them I have bid at.

    I want to see what TIME an auction will end
    - if it don´t get extended by later bid if there is any such extensions. Is it?

    A reason to see end time can be WHO to bid at if needing fast reinforcement to an extra important match.
    An other reason is I´m curious :) when I will get a player I have bid on. I mean if no one bid higher.

    Message #2077

    12.05.20 07:46

    Nobody knows when the auction ends. Otherwise, all bidders try to bid in the last seconds and it will lead to delay of server answer and complaints of managers. Latest auction end date,- it´s 4 days after the date when the first bid was placed.

    Message #2079

    12.05.20 10:22

    But that can be solved by EXTEND when the auction ends, if someone bid late. =Can be extend to X time after the last bid. X being something to decide but being same and told in the rules. (Although perhaps different long if it´s when it´s nightime for most players.)

    As it is now I have been the highest bid in DAYS and I don´t know when I will get the player. (I mean if no one bid higher.)