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    18.11.18 10:42

    Football prediction: Germany-Netherlands, League of Nations, League A1 (19.11.2018)

    Personal meetings

    The history of team meetings is very rich,- 26 matches were held since 1910, then Holland won 4-2 at Arnhem at the Vitesse-Platz stadium. Of course, we will not dwell on each match separately, I will mention only the main figures: 7 victories against Germany, 9 victories with Holland and as many as 10 times the audience could see a draw result, an average of 3.6 goals per game scored. If, for example, we take the matches since 2004, we will see only one German victory and that happened a month ago, the Germans won 2 times and a draw was recorded three times.
    It is also worth a few words to say about the last match of these teams in the League of Nations, the hosts won a confident home victory, and they were not the Germans, in the first half, Holland opened the scoring, Van Dijk scored. But at the same time statistics shows approximately the same numbers as shots, what about possession of the ball. In the second half, Bundesteam made maximum efforts to recoup or even win, but with one blow to the target you could not do it, but in the end the Dutch managed to score twice more and brought the score to crushing. As a result, statistics will be on the side of Germany, but there are no dividends from this, only the first ever defeat in the League of Nations tournament.

    Germany national team

    In the team there really is a certain change of generations, but it’s impossible to justify a defeat, after the failed World Championship the team played 5 meetings, won only twice, 1 draw, 2 defeat and the loudness of the creaking table under Lion was heard by many Bundesteam fans. In the League of Nations there is no place worse, 1 point in 3 matches and Division B is waiting for them already in 2020. With a goal scored a general catastrophe, if not worse - only one accurate strike and one from the penalty spot. We conceded 3 goals, on average more than 1.6 goals per game.

    Netherlands National Team

    Earlier, I talked about Holland and the changes in its game, but in a nutshell I repeat - with the arrival of Ronald Cuman, the team played with new colors, there are no failures in defense, and the attack is all right, who else will score 2 goals to the world champions Do not miss a single ?! For 8 matches, only one defeat (from France on the road 2-1), 3 draws and 4 wins.
    The League of Nations is an important tournament for the whole of Holland and they will want to win the group, even a draw from Germany will help Kuman’s players to get a ticket to the playoffs. For 3 matches they managed to score 6 goals (an average of 2 per game) and missed only one.

    Match Forecast

    Although Germany has no tournament motivation, but they sure want to prove to themselves and to the fans that they love and know how to play football, so I expect the Germans to play openly and take action from the Dutch. I suppose that both teams will score, on this bookmakers give odd 1.6

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