Players reset?

    Message #2188

    09.06.20 13:17

    I got a message from Admin.
    'A new season has started.
    This season, the current improvements for your players are not reset, in contrast to other teams, because you registered to Inetball last season.'

    So next season my young players will be reset?
    So it´s IMPOSSIBLE to develop a good team from same young players to become better and better season by season?

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    11.06.20 18:51

    It´s not correct. Reset only seasonal improvement (red figures in command level). It´s easy to return it by playing a few friendly matches.

    Message #2190

    11.06.20 20:38

    Thank you.
    If it would have been impossible to develop from youth teams, I would have lost interest of this game. So lucky it wasn´t :)