How properly rebuild your stadium?

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    09.05.17 09:43

    The stadium in this soccer manager – is a main source of income for your team. Stadium construction is an investment in the future that will gain you high income later on. However to begin the construction of the stadium you must have high enough level of match rating. For example, there is no point in completing the construction of the stadium if you are still playing qualifiers. Construction must be finished gradually, there is no need to build several sectors simultaneously. Parts of the stadium which take the most money and time investment should be builded last. Remember that unused sectors bring no income, only maintenance expenses. Don’t try to start construction of several places at the same time since they will be built coherently and will be finished together at the end of construction time. Better build sectors one by one so they could bring you income from upcoming matches as soon as possible. Usually I start stadium construction at the end of the season, when championship home matches are already completed. Don’t start the construction without RD service «maximum stadium revenue» or at least VIP status, otherwise it will bring nothing but net losses. If you’re still willing to begin the construction, better start with objects which bring the most income. Otherwise you’ll waste your time and money on demolishing older objects to build the ones with higher fans gain than you have at the present moment.

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    13.06.20 02:07

    I don´t find any info even when I ordered construction. It would be interesting to know before start constructing :)
    How many spectators will there be space for at West or East level 1 ?

    If making better pitch - will there be home matches during making that improvement?

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    21.06.20 07:15

    The number of spectators depends on match rating. The match rating depends on the tournament you play in and on the rival.