How to elaborate a financial strategy of team’s development in the football manager

Money can’t solve all problems, but most – you may use this phrase for determination of the ways of your football club’s development. Transfer market is full of cheap slag, really good players are expensive. If you want to buy Messi or Ronaldo, you should be ready to tighten your belt. Ask yourself, if you need such a football star in your team playing in the Second Division? It would be better to evolve gradually and instead of one star buy 2-3 players with good parameters to form the base of the team. And which parameters are considered good? It is clear that the highest parameters are the best ones, but in our virtual football manager fast and young, but not brute players are preferable. How to gain virtual dollars (VD) for your team? There are many ways. For instance, you can just visit our site on a daily basis, play more official and friendly games, participate in tournaments or complete some tasks from your e-mail. If you are good at sports, especially football, you can try to bet on different matches, whether they are real or virtual Keep in mind, that you have a stable source of revenue, which is your stadium. If the prices for seats are suitable for the level of match and the stadium is full with visitors, it brings you the maximum profit. Change your stadium each time when the level of your team and match rating increase. You can obtain money for urgent needs by taking a loan from a bank on the security of the stadium. But do not forget to repay the loan on time, otherwise you will lose the stadium. At the beginning of each season you can sign a contract with a sponsor, and, having the contract fulfilled, you gain much money for your team. Another source of income is the sale of players. You can buy a young player and pump his parameters to essentially raise his value. Then you can sell this player with bigger price to gain some money. In extreme cases, if a risky financial policy has led to a desperate situation, the game football manager gives you an opportunity to convert real money into virtual dollars and save your team from failing.