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  • 3D training and matchvirtual football manager
  • Real time online matches 

    Real time online matches

  • 3D match animation+ text reportage 

    3D match animation
    + text reportage

  • Various team tactics 

    Various team tactics

  • Individual tactical tasks 

    Individual tactical tasks

  • Change of tactics and substitutions of players during the match 

    Change of tactics and substitutions of players during the match

  • A lot of tournaments 

    A lot of tournaments

  • Stadium 


  • Prizes in the virtual and real money for winning in tournaments 

    Prizes in the virtual and real money for winning in tournaments

  • Detailed statistics for team and individual player 

    Detailed statistics for team and individual player

  • Training «3D penalty» 

    Training «3D penalty»

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    Chat + forum

Football (soccer) manager online game INETBALL is a way to spend time with interest. You are the manager of a football club and you need to make it win. Developing the game strategy and selecting players you can become one of the best managers. Matches are played in real time.

INETBALL is a game, football (soccer) manager. It lets every person become a real manager of his football club online directly from his computer. This simulator gives users the possibility to compete with the others. They are responsible for your soccer club's finances, players' selection and planning tactical schemes. If you play fantasy football (soccer) online for a long period, you can spend time with use and get managing skills, which help you in the real life for sure. When you begin playing football (soccer) manager online, achieve high scores in the national championship, Euro cups, and worldwide championships.

What are the game features for PC?

Football (soccer) manager game online is absolutely free. Partaking in the sport events you should get ready for the intensive tournament schedule. You will have to play fantasy football (soccer) free in English at least a few times per week. But it won't be a problem for the real soccer fans and will let them enjoy the process in the game!
During the off-seasons make your team stronger making players' transfer. The manager takes an active part during these periods. Experienced soccer club managers know that it is significant to buy not only expensive stars but also you need to buy young and perspective players to achieve the success.

What problems does INETBALL solve?

Virtual football (soccer) manager is a nice entertainment for those, who like to achieve some goals at the same time. If you manage to develop your team in the economic direction, if you win often and be successful in Euro cups, you will be able to buy more stronger players. Imagine famous athletes, who are professionals like Maradona or Messi, playing for your soccer team. Of course, achievements like these only come with experience. At the beginning, you will be offered by the fantasy football (soccer) online game to manage a team, which hasn't achieved high results yet. If you are good at football, you may bet in the real sport events and earn money (virtual dollars).

Main nuances and rules of playing the online game

A manager's task is not just to organize his club. It would be better if you attended the matches and influenced the results of this matches. As your football team's coach, you must plan the strategy and tactics of a game. There are 5 pauses during every match. You partake in the match; change the tactics and players in the real time. You can play football (soccer) manager online up to 15 minutes (a match). You can reduce the time of a match depending on the speed of changing tactics.
During a match everybody can watch it online and cheer for his friends. Also, you may watch online the record of any match from football manager 2017 at any convenient time.

How to choose the strategy and tactics?

Having decided to play fantasy football (soccer) , a person should choose the right tactics and strategy. It is about telling players the proper instructions, choosing the best arrangement of the athletes on the field, choosing the game style, personal guardianship and thinking about financial management.

Why should you choose INETBALL?

Football (soccer) manager online is a possibility to have a good rest, to develop your skills in management and to find out a lot about everything inside football life, which is the most spectacular and venturous sport. The advantages of INETBALL are:

  • Absolutely free using.
  • Maximal game realism.
  • A large option of teams and athletes.
  • Ease of management.
  • Influencing the result right during a match.
  • The possibility of watching a 3D match and reading text reportage.

If you want to begin using INETBALL, you need to register. It is easy. Having authorized you may manage a team. Winning the other managers you will climb the managers' ladder and become one of the best players in the world. If you have any questions, you may connect with other users or use technical support on our website. They will answer the questions and can help you to solve the problem, which seemed to be difficult for you. Chatting, you can find here like-minded people.