Ongoing matches

In this game you are a manager of your own football team. You can hold friendly matches or compete in official tournaments, against friends or other opponents. Matches are divided into 15-minute periods. This will give you a chance to change your team tactics or substitute players. In addition, you can buy or sell players on the transfer market, assign different training programs to your players, hire coaches, build your own stadium, training facilities, etc. To register and start playing - Click here


Frequently asked questions
What does attendance depend on?

A new season has started.
Current improvements of all players are reset. We remind you that you can raise the current improvements of your players by playing friendly and official matches, and thus prepare your team for the new season.

Frequently asked questions
How can I change my player formation?

Frequently asked questions
How does Experience affect a player’s execution of tactical assignments?

Frequently asked questions
How do I set individual assignments?

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