Friendly tournaments

Friendly tournaments are held in real time mode among teams in which managers are currently present in chat. There is a fee for participation in these tournaments which depends on the Level Rating of the participating team (except the “Between Countries” tournament where the registration fee is the same and doesn’t depend on the team’s Level Rating). Only Administration-appointed Administrators can organize such tournaments. These Administrators are fully responsible for organizing the tournament, paying out bonuses to the winners, and also for resolving all disputes and misunderstandings in regards to the tournament.
There can be three types of friendly tournaments:
1.Tournament with one group
2.Tournament with two groups where the winner in each of the groups play in a playoff final
3.Tournament “Between Countries” where points gained in each group are summarized and the whole group of teams (country) wins. In such tournaments the registration fee doesn’t depend on the Level Rating of the team.

Also, tournaments are divided by the size of the registration fee and accordingly by the size of the bonuses:
1.In “small scale” tournaments registration fee and bonuses are multiplied by 1
2.In “mid scale” tournaments registration fee and bonuses are multiplied by 2
3.In “large scale” tournaments registration fee and bonuses are multiplied by 4

The tournament are created for the teams of certain Level Ratings except the tournament “Between countries” where teams of all Level Ratings can play.

To participate in a friendly tournament newbies have to play at least 50 games.

All participants and organizers of a friendly tournament must strictly adhere to the rules for friendly tournaments listed below. Violation of the rules by an organizer or manager can result a fine.

General rules:
1. If during friendly tournament one of the teams receives a technical loss then a match replay can be scheduled no more than once between competing teams within the same tournament.
2. A match replay can only be scheduled if one of the teams received a technical loss before the sixtieth minute of the game and under the condition that at the moment of the technical loss the team lost no more than one ball.
3. In case the team was winning and then received a technical loss a match replay is always scheduled.
4. If at the time of a friendly tournament between the countries one of the participants for some reason cannot continue the game, the Organizer is obligated to replace the departing player with a player of approximately the same Level Rating. If the departing player finds a replacement player then the Administrator should lift the fees from the incoming player (unless another agreement exists between the players). If the player does not find a replacement player, the player replacing him is not paying a fee.
5. In friendly tournaments between countries an Administrator has the right to not replace departing players and assign a technical loss only in the case that the technical loss wouldn’t change positions in the tournament. In all other cases the Administrator must find a replacement for the departing player.
6. In tournaments of one or two groups the Administrator has the right not to search for a replacement if one of the players leaves and assigns that player technical loss in all matches!
7. It is necessary to wait for 10 minutes for a departing player; if the player does not return a technical loss or replacement, depending on the type of tournament, will occur.
8. Administrator of the tournament decides if there is a fee for replacement.
9. If the replacement for a departing player cannot be found the player will be replaced by a player for the remaining matches from the same group with an equal Level Rating. The replacement team’s Level Rating CANNOT EXCEED the Level Rating the team to be replaced .
10.Players prematurely leaving the tournament because they are losing will be fined!
11.Players who are registered for an official game within an hour may only register for a friendly tournament with the permission from the tournament’s Administrator.

Administrators have the right to:
1. Create a tournament with or without participants’ input on the type of tournament, type of registration fee and the Level Ratings of the participating teams.
2. Select for the tournament teams from among registered teams.
3. Refuse a team’s participation without explanation even if the team has already registered for the tournament.
4. Assign the amount of bonuses for the winners based on the tournament’s prize’s fund without input from the participants of the tournament. However, if an Administrator decides to change the amount of bonuses after the beginning of tournament, it is necessary that all participants agree.
5. Execute a team’s replacements during the course of the tournament.
6. Deny return of registration fees to a participating player if he departed and did not find a valid replacement.
7. Participate in the tournament under the same conditions as all the other players.
8. Receive a reward in VD for organizing a tournament (amount is determined by Administration).

Administrator is obligated:
1. To be present in chat room until the end of the tournament, or if unforeseen circumstances arise, ask another Administrator currently on-line to finish the tournament.
2. If the tournament is “Between Countries”, compile groups(countries) with approximately equal Level Ratings of teams participating in them.
3. To choose teams in such a way that the Administrator does not have an unfair advantage over other teams. An Administrator must ensure that his team is of an average Level Rating compared to all other teams in the tournament; he cannot choose only teams with lower Level Ratings than his own to ensure winning.
4. Distribute bonus payments to winners and collect registration fees from the participants’ accounts at the end of the tournament.
5. Reimburse the registration fee to any player who has departed the tournament but found a valid replacement.

Tournament participants have the right:
1. To register for an announced Administrator tournament, on conditions that a sufficient amount of money is available to cover the registration fee.
2. To file a complaint with Administration for Administrator organizing a tournament if participant thinks that an Administrator made not organized the tournament fairly or correctly.

Tournament participant are obligated to:
Stay in chat until the end of the tournament, if unforeseen circumstances arise, the player must find a valid replacement.

Trophy Cups:
(bronze)- awarded to winners in a tournament “Between countries”
(silver)- awarded to winner in one group tournament
(golden)- awarded to winner in two groups tournament

In case of two games tournament the winner(s) awarded additional bronze cup.
Scored five bronze cups are replaced with a single silver.
Scored five silver cups are replaced with a single golden.
Trophy Cups expires after a year.