ТоТо Rules

Types of bets in fantasy football InetBall:
Ordinary (Single bet) is a bet on a separate outcome of events. Winning a single bet is equal to the bet amount multiplied by the odds established for this outcome.

Accumulator (Multi Bet or Acca) –is a bet on the independent outcome of more than one event. Winning on the accumulator bet is equal to the total of all correct bet amounts multiplied by the odds of all outcomes included in Accumulator. Losing by one of the outcomes of Accumulator means the losing by Accumulator in whole.
The amount of VD for all open bets should not exceed 10% of the amount available in your account.
The maximum odd of Accumulator – 100/1
The maximum net winnings (excluding sum of bets) may not exceed 200 000 VD.

Main bets:
Winning of the first team (player) «W1»
Draw «Х»
Winning of the second team (player) «W2»
Winning of the first team (player) or a draw «1Х»
Winning of the first or second team (player) «12»
Winning of the second team (player) or a draw «Х2»
Winning of team (player) with margin «margin1» or «margin2»

Margin Bet:
A form of betting requiring you to pick the winning margin. Winning margin betting is when you place a bet whereby you predict how many goals a team will win by. For example, if you bet on winning margin of 2 goals, the team needs to win by 2 goals, i.e. 2-0, 3-1, 4-2 etc. Bet on the total «Over, Under» – marks as «total». Margin betting excludes any extra time that might be played. Bets on soccer matches accepted on regular playing time (90 min. + time the referee can add), unless otherwise indicated. Matches are considered valid if they have been interrupted, not finished, but they have played at least 65 minutes.

Examples of bets:
Example 1: Ordinar (Single bet)
You bet 1000 VD on the win of Arsenal. Odd on the outcome is 2,65. The payout in case of Arsenal win will be 1000*2,65=2,650. The win =2,650-1000=1,650
Example 2: Accumulator (Multi Bet)
You made multi bet of 1000 VD on 3 results: draw in match Chelsea-Liverpool, wins of Arsenal and Tottenham. Odds of all events in Accumulator are multiplying 2,95*1,4*2,4=9,912. If you guessed right all the outcomes the payout = 1000 * 9,912 = 9912 VD. The win = 8,812.
Example 3: the winning with Margin
For example, you made a bet on Arsenal win with margin «-1». To win this bet it is necessary that Arsenal beat Chelsea with a difference greater than 2 goals. In case of Arsenal win one goal, your bet is calculated with an odd of 1. If the match ended in a draw or Chelsea win,- the bet is lost. Margin - it'is a reserve of goals which is set before the match. In our case margin of Arsenal (-1) means that Arsenal before the start of the match is losing 0:1. Outcomes with Margin are calculated by adding or subtracting the margin to / from the number of goals scored by a team in the match minus the number of goals the opponent team.
Example 4: bets on Total of match
Total it's the total number of goals scored by the teams in match. Bet on total=2,5 «Under» mean that you'll win if the number of goals in match will be less than 2,5 (0,1 or 2 goals). The bet «Over» will win if the number of goals in match will be more than 2,5 (3 or more).